[DB-SIG] Multiple Fields in "Order by" Command

Casey Bralla Casey at nerdworld.org
Wed Nov 24 01:56:44 CET 2004

I'm trying to sort my database by multiple fields.  I have written a query 
that says:
"select * from TABLE1 order by FIELD1 + FIELD2 + FIELD3"

Unfortunately, while I can sort by any single FIELD, I am unable to create the 
multi-field sort I want to create.  I've tried parentheses, using the "&" 
sign, etc.  I figure there's gotta be an easy way to do this... but I'll be 
darned if I can find it in the docs or on-line.

Can somebody please point me in the right direction?

BTW, This list is wonderful!  Thanks to J Kennedy, Jim Tittlser, Randall 
Smith, Peter Mott, and Chris Cogdon for the help on the "fetchone()" and 
"fetchmany()" python statements.  With your help, I was able to solve my 
problem, and I learned a bunch of stuff too.  Thanks, guys!

Casey Bralla
Chief Nerd in Residence
The NerdWorld Organisation

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