[DB-SIG] db module wrapper

Stuart Bishop stuart at stuartbishop.net
Tue Sep 7 18:29:31 CEST 2004

On 21/08/2004, at 6:59 AM, Randall Smith wrote:

> On a separate topic, got any ideas on how to abstract exceptions?  If 
> someone has already figured out an easy way to do this, I sure would 
> appreciate the knowledge.

Present them on the connection or cursor object:

con = dball.connect('whatever')
cur = con.cursor()
	cur.execute('SOLECT * FROM BAR')
except cur.DatabaseError:
	print 'Oops'

Manipulating the base classes of the exception should also work,
since Exceptions are still old-style classes.

Stuart Bishop <stuart at stuartbishop.net>
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