[DB-SIG] URI syntax for databases

Dittmar, Daniel daniel.dittmar at sap.com
Fri Apr 1 11:17:33 CEST 2005

>> An alternative would be to always use uri_connect. In 
>addition, a set of
>> modules is provided that implements this uri translation for older
>> drivers. The user would then have to choose between the real 
>module or
>> the translation module.
>That seems awkward, but I suppose doable.  

Importing everything from another module (including _*) is not that

Having a separate module would also be an advantage if the driver author
implements uri_connect, but decides to require a different uri syntax
than the implementation in the abstraction layer. This would invalidate
all URIs in configuration files etc. Not sure if this would be a real
world problem.

> That translating module would 
>also have to include the rest of the required functions if it 
>was to be 
>a DB-API module.  

What other module content do you need in addition to the connect (or
uri_connect)? I found it always cumbersome that code needs the module in
addition to the connection object. I think there exists already the
extension to the DB API that exception classes should be accessible
through the connection object. Maybe everything else should be
accessible as well?


Daniel Dittmar
SAP Labs Berlin
daniel.dittmar at sap.com  

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