[DB-SIG] URI syntax for database (was: [SQLObject] Re: SQLite connection - relative filename)

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Mon Apr 4 12:59:40 CEST 2005

Dittmar, Daniel wrote:
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>>After that it's 
>>potentially entirely up to the database driver, though of course some 
>>uniformity is nice.  Typical DSNs, from what I can tell, are parsed in 
>>an up-front manner into a set of keys and values; though maybe they 
>>sometimes include a prefix indicating database type...?  
> DSNs (Data Source Names) are registry keys. The entry for that key
> contains among other things the id of the ODBC driver. The string for a
> connect contains the DSN (which is evaluated by the driver manager) and
> additional connect properties (which are passed to the driver). This at
> least was the general idea, which has probably been bended since.

The format of ODBC connection strings (sometimes called DSN string
or just DSN) goes like this:

connection-string ::= empty-string[;] | attribute[;] | attribute; connection-string
empty-string ::=
attribute ::= attribute-keyword=attribute-value | DRIVER=[{]attribute-value[}]
attribute-keyword ::= DSN | UID | PWD | driver-defined-attribute-keyword
attribute-value ::= character-string
driver-defined-attribute-keyword ::= identifier

(taken from
scroll down to the comments section)

At the very least you have to provide the DSN=<name>
part of the connection string. All other parts are

>>Java has 
>>database URIs too, don't they?  But they are all like 
>>jdbc:..., correct? 
> Right
>> Of course, following that pattern you could get 
>>dbapi:jdbc:postgresql://... which feels awfully weird to me.
> a) I'd prefer pydbapi: as a prefix. That way, someone looking at a
> configuration file could at least get the notion that any problems might
> be related to some Python lib.
> b) Using a module path instead of a DBMS product name is generally
> preferable (and seemed to be the consent so far). With the JDBC scheme,
> all relevant drivers have to be loaded into memory first, the diver
> manager then asks each if the driver would accept a specific URI. 
> c) Should username and password be used similar to other protocols?
>   pydbapi:<modulepath>://[<username>:<password>@]<host>[:
> <port>/

This is not URI conformant (AFAIK): you cannot have multiple
schemes separated by colons.


would work, e.g.


Looking at this URI I don't think that the URI-approach is
going to make things any easier for the user in setting up

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