[DB-SIG] URI syntax for database (was: [SQLObject] Re: SQLiteconnection - relative filename)

Vernon Cole wnvcole at peppermillcas.com
Mon Apr 4 17:37:42 CEST 2005

Ummm... a little caution here. Don't get comfortable assuming that ODBC
is a dependable measure of how to access a data base.    As is typical
of Micro$oft, and many other companies which have grown too large and
self-important, they have changed the rules.  ODBC, having become an
industry quasi-standard, is now obsoleted by ADO, the latest in a long
series of Microsoft "standards" for database access.  One of the best
things about ADO, I.M.H.O., is that it does NOT use DSNs or registry

The Python dbapi module for odbc on Windows(r) has not been maintained
for years and is acknowledged as buggy. The alternative (sorry, Mark) is
a commercial product and therefore not usable for many of us. Adodbapi
is my solution of choice.
Vernon Cole

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> DSNs (Data Source Names) are registry keys. The entry for that key
> contains among other things the id of the ODBC driver. The string for
> connect contains the DSN (which is evaluated by the driver manager)
> additional connect properties (which are passed to the driver). This
> least was the general idea, which has probably been bended since.

The format of ODBC connection strings (sometimes called DSN string
or just DSN) goes like this:
(taken from

At the very least you have to provide the DSN=<name>
part of the connection string. All other parts are

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