[DB-SIG] Re: Database Abstraction in Python

Jon Franz jfranz at neurokode.com
Mon Apr 18 14:05:10 CEST 2005

> better documentation. Did you notice the SQL console program which works 
> like the MySQL prompt but for all supported databases in portable mode?

That is a nice.  Very nice.

> More generally, do people feel this is a useful piece of software? 

Unfortunately, no - for philosophical and practical reasons I see many 
issues with it, at least for myself.

> the same API is used to access all underlying DB-API 2.0 drivers, this 
> could be a useful way of distributing all the DB-API drivers in one 
> package. If people wanted to implement drivers for the databases they 
> use we could implement a feasible database abstraction layer that was 
> genuinely portable when used in portable mode and provided full access 
> to the underlying database in direct mode. Would this not form a useful 
> basis for a DB-API 3.0?

The concept, yes, would form a useful basis for DBAPI 3, but I don't 
know about the current implementation.  ADOdb, being a port, isn't very 
pythonic (IMHO), and as such is not suitable either.

But lets use this opportunity to talk - to talk about what we think is 
needed in dbapi3.  I know I have a lot of ideas/thoughts - and am 
writing code for a demo implementation of my ideas as well.  I've been 
writing code because the last 2 (3, 5?) times the next dbapi spec has 
been discussed here, the conversations were animated but eventually died 
without any actual progress.

~Jon Franz
NeuroKode Labs, LLC

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