[DB-SIG] DB-API unittests

Robert Brewer fumanchu at amor.org
Thu Dec 1 10:07:56 CET 2005

Andrew Chambers wrote:
> I've been doing some work on some unittests for
> the Python DB-API.
> ...
> Finally, I couldn't think of a way to run these
> tests across a number of modules without duplicating
> the code (although to be honest I haven't given
> it much thought yet.  If anyone has any ideas
> I'd be interested to hear those too.

See the zoo_fixture module (particularly the "run" function) and any of the test_store* modules at http://projects.amor.org/dejavu/browser/trunk/test for an example of how to run different databases against a common unittest suite, one at a time. The test.py module in that folder will run them all in order (any that are installed on the system, that is).

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