[DB-SIG] Eschew Obfuscation -- down with un-defined TLA's.

Benjamin Scherrey scherrey at proteus-tech.com
Fri Jan 28 21:20:43 CET 2005

Got your GR re:TLA's. FYI, an ORM == Object / Relational Mapping.

    HTH & TTYL!

       Ben Scherrey

Vernon Cole wrote:

>This is a general request for everyone to define all TLA's (Three Letter
>Acronyms) on first use in any text. Our industry is crawling with TLA's
>and XMLA's (eXtended Multi-Letter Acronyms). It seems in vogue to invent
>new ones on a weekly basis.  Those of us not keeping up with any
>specific branch of development may not know the meaning of a TLA which
>others of us use on a regular basis. 
>What is an ORM?
>Vernon Cole
>(in the business before WWW, GUI, OOP, WYSIWYG, HTML, i18n, SQL and 4GL
>were invented.)

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