[DB-SIG] Table Oriented Programming

Michael Hobbs michael at hobbshouse.org
Mon Jan 31 21:17:25 CET 2005

Brad Clements said:
> On 12 Feb 2004 at 13:10, Michael Hobbs wrote:
>> Consider this example code:
>>   departments = DepartmentTable
>>   employees = EmployeeTable
>>   johnsDepartment = (departments * employees) /
>>     (employees.dept == departments.dept) /
>>     (employees.name == 'John') %
>>     departments.name
>>   print johnsDepartment[0].name
> Has  anyone tried expressing sql operations as relational algebra
> statements in Python,
> like the example above.

I had worked on a prototype for this a long time ago, before I got bored
with the problem. ;-)  I believe that it is completely undocumented, in a
very raw state, and problably written in bad newbie Python, but if no one
objects, I can post it as an attachment to this mail-list.

I took a look at the sqlbuilder code from SQLObject, mentioned in a
previous post, but that is still rather SQL-like and not very Relational
Algebra-like. (For example, it uses words such as "select" and "where"
instead of "project" and "select".)

Let me know,
- Mike

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