[DB-SIG] Database connections don't stay alive

Michael Hipp Michael at Hipp.com
Fri Jun 3 20:03:33 CEST 2005

Olli Rajala wrote:
> Okay, okay, back to business. Hope that someone will be able to help me. :)
> My system is Python2.4+Postgresql 7.4.7 running on Ubuntu 5.04. if
> that matters...

I use pyPgSQL every day and it generally works as expected. Note that 
most of my work is Windows client with a Ubuntu server on the back end.

You might want to ask on the pyPgSQL users mailing list:

Offhand I don't see anything wrong with your code and I've never 
experienced the particular problem you're seeing. You might try 
in-lining it instead of calling a function just for experimentation 
purposes. pyPgSQL has been somewhat picky about versions in the past so 
you might want to verify everything is at compatible versions.


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