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Thanks all for your advice. Python is a really useful (down and dirty) language but is of course, still evolving.


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Stephen Day wrote:
> No need the have the Oracle client. There are a few
> modules that should work listed here (not all
> Oracle!):
> http://www.python.org/topics/database/modules.html
> I've used cx_Oracle with success.
> Stephen Day 
> --- mike.guice at rbc.com wrote:
>>Is it necessary to have the Oracle Client installed
>>in a machine that wishes to connect to an Oracle
>>database? If not, what are the requisite files for
>>making the connection?
>>Mike Guice
>>Oracle DBA 

The Python db-api modules (such as cx_Oracle and DCOracle2) still 
require you to have the Oracle client software installed.

Oracle do ship a class (III or is it IV?) pure Java JDBC driver which 
you can use from Jython.

The only other way I'm aware of that you can connect to an Oracle 
database is via ODBC. mxODBC is the cream of the Python crop here.

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