[DB-SIG] ADOCE with PythonCE

Clark, Chris M Chris.Clark at ca.com
Wed Nov 16 01:14:49 CET 2005


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> I've posted this to the PythonCE list as well.
> I'm looking for info on accessing ADOCE on the Pocket PC.  
> I'd like to use Python instead of VBScript.  I've found 
> several example on using ADODB for the desktop, but nothing 
> for the PPC.
> I'm not stuck on ADOCE, so any other methods for accessing 
> the Pocket Access (.cdb) or MS SQL CE database formats.

I think you are out of luck with respect to Microsoft databases, sorry
:-( I'd like to be proved wrong though.

> Actually any documentation on any relational DB on the Pocket 
> PC with Python would be helpful.

I'm using pysqlite - I got it (and the URL) from the PythonCE archives.
I think I'm using this one

I'm running a mini-web server on my pda and use PocketIE (and/or ftx) as
the "gui" - example on the desktop here http://yacddb.sourceforge.net/
none of my xml resource files for wxWindows work on my handheld, hence
the low tech UI


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