[DB-SIG] unicode woes.

Marcos Sánchez Provencio marcos at burke.ath.cx
Mon Sep 5 09:51:08 CEST 2005

You should evaluate migration to http://adodbapi.sourceforge.net/

The ODBC module that comes with Python is totally obsolete. If you plan
to use it, you are on your own.

El dom, 04-09-2005 a las 19:21 -0400, jeff sacksteder escribió:
> Access 2000 and it's newer ilk use unicode for memo fields. Python's
> DBI chokes when reading data out of such fields, producing an error
> like this-
> 'Invalid character value for cast specification on column number 7'. 
> I can state with certainty that there should be no non-ascii
> characters in those fields. Is there a way to alter the unicode
> 'cast'-ing step to drop unparsable characters?
> Whereabouts is that handled in DBI?
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