[DB-SIG] cx_Oracle: RuntimeError: Unable to acquire Oracle environment handle

Harald Armin Massa haraldarminmassa at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 19:32:19 CET 2006


I am using cx_Oracle for quite some time. On more then 120 computers
everything works out fine.

My usage is on Windows XP / Windows 2003. The applications are bundled
with py2exe.

NOW there is ONE stubborn computer, which torments me with the error message:

RuntimeError: Unable to acquire Oracle environment handle

This error message appears when the py2exe bundled program trys to
connect to oracle via cx_Oracle.connect

The challenging part: on the same computer, when running the same
program from source via python scriptname.py, all works out fine.

Of course I googled this error, and found the various challenges with

and ORACLE_HOME    *is* set to c:\oracle\ora92; within
c:\oracle\ora92\bin there *is* an OCI.DLL, and windows path contains

But still... on py2exed application, the error results, on
non-py2exed, it works.

Who can give me a push to check something in addition?


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