[DB-SIG] delete the records query

python eager python_eager at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 1 07:57:41 CET 2006

    Hi, This my code snippet.
  I am deleting records. But the sql statment working fine. but it will not delete. i have two files. one is db_connection, and other one is PerDetailsDAO.
  i am creating object in PerDetailsDAO for db_connection.py
  Thereafter executing the sql statement.
  But the particular record will not deleted.
  What is the error?
  Please rectify the problem
  Thank you
  File Name : db_connection.py
  import cx_Oracle
class db_connection:
     def getConnection(self):
        dbconnection = cx_Oracle.connect("username", "password", "hoststring")
        cursor = dbconnection.cursor()
        cursor.arraysize = 50
        return cursor 
    File Name : PerDetailsDAO.py

  class PerDetailsDAO:
     def delete(self,pid):
        con = db_connection()
        cursor = con.getConnection()

  Python Eager

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