[DB-SIG] cx_OracleTools 7.3

Anthony Tuininga anthony.tuininga at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 22:31:59 CET 2006

What is cx_OracleDBATools?

cx_OracleTools is a set of Python scripts that handle Oracle database
development tasks in a cross platform manner and improve (in my opinion)
on the tools that are available by default in an Oracle client
installation. Those who use cx_Oracle (a Python interface driver for
Oracle compatible with the DB API) may also be interested in this
project, if only as examples. Binaries are provided for those who do not
have a Python installation.

Where do I get it?


What's new?

 1) Added ExportXML and ImportXML utilities for importing and exporting data
      from an Oracle database as XML.
 2) Added support in ExportData for limiting the number of rows exported and
      skipping some rows first.
 3) Added support in CopyData for the case where all the columns on the target
      table form the primary key.
 4) Added support for case sensitive tables and column names in CopyData.
 5) Added option --report-point to CopyData which defaults to --commit-point.
 6) Added options --log-file, --log-level and --log-prefix to all of the tools
      and removed --timestamp and --prefix on DbDebugger since the new options
      cover the functionality of the old ones.
 7) Added options --suppress-owner-dir, --include-roles, --include-users,
      --no-related and --no-triggers to ExportObjects.
 8) Added option --sort-by to DumpData to modify the query executed to include
      a sort clause.
 9) Added option --only-if to DescribeSchema and ExportObjects which allows
      for filtering the objects described by a where clause against dba_objects.
10) DbDebugger now displays the time to the microsecond if desired.
11) GeneratePatch now makes sure that owner changes are displayed before
       displaying anything about the objects for that owner that are being
12) GeneratePatch now produces consistent results by performing a sort before
       displaying any results.
13) Fixed bug in GeneratePatch parsing grants with the "with grant option"
14) Fixed bug in DescribeObject where connect statements were being displayed.

Anthony Tuininga

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