[DB-SIG] Sybase create table

Eric Crafter craftereric at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 14 20:21:54 CEST 2006

I posed this question to the Python Sybase group and was told to post it 
here in hopes a getting an answer.

I have Sybase syntax like following:

create table xxxdelete (
"login" varchar(233)

Since login is a Sybase reserved word it needs to be in double quotes.  I 
have checked through the Sybase gui that this works.  My problem is that I 
am creating a Python script to do this and I get a syntax error.  I can't 
figure out where I am going wrong.  Here is what I did:

import Sybase
import string
db = Sybase.connect('cipherpoc', 'dba', 'SQL')
cursor = db.cursor ()

print ( "CREATE TABLE xxxdelete ( \" login \" varchar(233) )"  )    ----> 

    CREATE TABLE xxxdelete ( " login " varchar(233) )

If I take the above output and paste into my Sybase gui tool, I have 
verified that the table gets created successfully.

Similarly, the statement
print ('''CREATE TABLE xxxdelete ("login" varchar(233) )''') outputs
             CREATE TABLE xxxdelete ("login" varchar(233) )

which also creates the table successfully.

However  this statement fails no one can figure out why:
cursor.execute ( "CREATE TABLE xxxdelete ( \" login \" varchar(233) )"  )  
----> same info as the above print statement

ASA Error -131: Syntax error near ' login ' on line 1

Any ideas?

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