[DB-SIG] Question about MySQL insert function

Andy Todd andy47 at halfcooked.com
Sun Jul 30 23:28:26 CEST 2006

Kiwi Golf wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> I run the code (.py) without any error message however when I go back to 
> MySQL server, and try to check whether the data was inserted into MySQL, 
> I got empty set from the db. My system is Python 2.4, MySQL 5.0, and 
> MySQLdb(MySQL-python.exe-1.2.1_p2.win32-py2.4.exe) running under window XP.
> Thanks again for your help.
> Chloe

Well if you aren't seeing any messages but aren't getting the result you 
expect I'd call that an error. Get rid of the try/except clauses in your 
code - or just run each statement in an interactive interpreter - and if 
you still can't figure out what's going on paste the commands and 
results in a message to the list.

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