[DB-SIG] Two phase commit API

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Thu Jun 22 09:37:47 CEST 2006

Stuart Bishop wrote:
> Hi.
> Are there any drivers out there that support two phase commit.
> If so, what syntax do they use?

I'm not aware of any native driver that does support this, except a
patched DCOracle2:


You can also use mxODBC with an XA enabled ODBC driver (I think
the EasySoft Oracle ODBC driver is capable of doing XA), but the
APIs for setting this up are different for each driver.

> Is it worth adding a standard API for this as an optional extension to the
> DB-API 2.0? Enough backends now support this that I suspect it is worth
> doing this now to avoid unnecessary incompatibilities between backend
> specific database APIs.

I'm not sure I can follow you here: if you do two-phase commit
under the control of a transaction manager such as MQSeries
or MS DTS, then the transaction manager will take care of
the transaction, not the database interface (see e.g. the DCOracle2
XA example in http://pymqi.sourceforge.net/).

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