[DB-SIG] pyodbc 2.x released

Michael Kleehammer mkleehammer at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 00:53:53 CET 2006

pyodbc 2.0.x has just been released on http://pyodbc.sourceforge.net.

This is a new DB API module for ODBC designed for Python 2.3+ and ODBC 3+.

Some notable items:
* It is free for commercial use (MIT license).
* It implements the DB API 2 interface.
* It uses only Python native data types like datetime (therefore 2.3+
is required).
* It has some useful convenience features like access to rows by name
(e.g. row.user_id).

The documentation page has not been uploaded yet, but there is an
overview on the main page.  Plus, since it implements the DB API, you
have a general idea of how it works already.

You can also examine the doc strings after installing.
  import pyodbc

It does not yet expose much ODBC-specific functionality, but we are
open to suggestions.

The pyodbc team.

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