[DB-SIG] [ANN] InformixDB-2.2 released

Carsten Haese carsten at uniqsys.com
Sun Mar 26 09:04:26 CEST 2006

I am pleased to announce a new release of InformixDB, the DB-API 2.0 module
for connecting to IBM Informix database engines.

Changes since version 2.1:

- Support for BOOLEAN columns
- DECIMAL and MONEY columns can be fetched as decimal.Decimal instances
  if the decimal module is available
- autocommit mode for connections
- Bug fixes:
  * Output buffer allocation used pointer/int casts that don't work on
    most 64 bit platforms.
  * Selecting TEXT/BYTE column from an empty set of rows caused segmentation
    fault under certain circumstances.
  * datetime values with trailing double-zeroes were fetched incorrectly.

Downloads and info at http://informixdb.sourceforge.net.

Best regards,

Carsten Haese

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