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Thu Nov 16 19:31:05 CET 2006

Art Protin wrote:
> Dear folks,
>       In earlier messages, I noted that the Specification (v2.0) does 
> not adequately express that the "operation" argument is SQL (although 
> the coverage of the API in "PYHON in a Nutshell is hardly ambiguous at 
> all).  Now I am wondering about the distinction between SQL DQL (Data 
> Query Language) and SQL DDL (Data Definition Language).  Is there 
> intended to be any support for DDL in this API?  (I am not sure of if or 
> how I could put that support into the implementation I am working on, 
> but I do not need to think about it much if none is intended.)

The API could potentially also work with non SQL ways of
defining queries or actions. In practice it is almost always
used with some form of SQL.

There is no distinction being made based on the type of SQL,
ie. you can use any variant or subclass of the SQL language
supported by the database backend in .execute() calls.

That said, I'm not sure what you mean by "support for DDL".

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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