[DB-SIG] thoughts about OpenGIS extensions

Mario Frasca mfrasca at zonnet.nl
Tue Oct 3 11:49:11 CEST 2006

hallo list,

I'm starting to play around with OpenGIS extensions to MySQL and
PostgreSQL.  well, a bit more than just playing around actually.

one thing I'm missing is the ability to handle OpenGIS objects as
python OpenGIS objects.  right now I'm writing the queries so that I
keep in memory (list of) point coordinates. 

where I'm working I would like to use the GPL library I've been working
at since 2002.  but I miss a python OpenGIS class hierarchy.  actually I
don't need that the library provides anything else than a class hierarchy,
for the time being I don't need any operations on the OpenGIS objects...
but I do need that the python interface modules recognize the OpenGIS
data coming from the database as such.  

is this something I should add as user of the library, be it mysqldb or
pgdb?  or should I expect the library to provide this data in a specific

since we have this OpenGIS standard, I would expect that we take care
of aknowledging it into python...  (there doesn't seem to be much work
around about it, at least, not that is being actively developed.)

I'll be reading with interest any reactions.


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