[DB-SIG] thoughts about OpenGIS extensions

Mario Frasca mfrasca at zonnet.nl
Wed Oct 4 09:21:00 CEST 2006

On 2006-1003 14:39:35, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:
> Il giorno mar, 03/10/2006 alle 13.17 +0200, Mario Frasca ha scritto:
> > I can't remember if type adaptation and type-caster registration are
> > a prerogative of psycopg2 or are in general available on all db-api2
> > modules.
> They are a prerogative of psycopg but other drivers offer similar
> methods.

is this the right place, I mean this db-sig, to propose that something
like this be included in the next version of db-api?

also: my initial posting was about trying to get something like...

> > > This feature is used by the GeoTypes module that adds support
> > > for all geometrical types to psycopg. See:
> > > http://initd.org/tracker/psycopg/wiki/GeoTypes

... something like <GeoTypes or whatever else performing good enough>
into Python, so that we could have a reference class hierarchy for
OpenGIS objects, something that a db-api compliant module can rely on,
rather than something that can use a db-api compliant module.

the situation at the moment is that we have no reference class hierarchy
for OpenGIS objects *and* that db-api compliant modules do not offer a
standardized way to transform OpenGIS data from python to db and back.

reading with interest the reactions from the group.


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