[DB-SIG] Managing My Database Connections

Robert Rawlins - Tamed Technology robert.rawlins at tamedtechnology.co.uk
Thu Mar 13 10:04:17 CET 2008

Hello Guys,


Well, thanks to Andy Todd I now know this to be the correct list to post on
so thought I would start a new thread with my question.


Essentially I only have a single database attached to my application but I'm
looking for the best way to handle its connection so thought I would come
and get your thoughts and opinions.


Within my applications I'll have many classes which access the database, I'm
wondering to what level I should extract the database connection. 


Should I create a new database connection and close it for every method
which calls the database? Should I create the connection  to the DB when I
construct the class and place the cursor in the self scope? Or should I
create an application wide connection to the database and inject the
connection into all the classes which require it?


At the moment I've created a singleton class which contains the connection
to the database, I then pass this class into my other objects and store it
as a property in the self scope. Then, for each function which needs to
access the database I create a new cursor and then close the cursor at the
end of the method, like so:


class someclass:


                # I'm the constructor method

def __init__(self, connection):

                                # Create the connection

                                self.connection = connection


                # Method which calls the database

                def mymethod(self):

                                new_cursor = self.connection.cursor()

new_cursor.execute("""INSERT INTO......""")



Is this the best way to handle things? I'm simply looking for the least
verbose and simple way to query the database.


Thanks for your advice and thoughts, I look forward to seeing how you guys
handle this.



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