[DB-SIG] SQLObject 0.11.0

Oleg Broytmann phd at phd.pp.ru
Wed Aug 12 12:25:08 CEST 2009


I'm pleased to announce version 0.11.0, the first stable release of 0.11 branch
of SQLObject.

What is SQLObject

SQLObject is an object-relational mapper.  Your database tables are described
as classes, and rows are instances of those classes.  SQLObject is meant to be
easy to use and quick to get started with.

SQLObject supports a number of backends: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite,
Firebird, Sybase, MSSQL and MaxDB (also known as SAPDB).

Where is SQLObject



Mailing list:



News and changes:

What's New

News since 0.10

Features & Interface

* Dropped support for Python 2.3. The minimal version of Python for
  SQLObject is 2.4 now.

* Dropped support for PostgreSQL 7.2. The minimal supported version of
  PostgreSQL is 7.3 now.

* New magic attribute 'j' similar to 'q' was added that automagically does
  join with the other table in MultipleJoin or RelatedJoin.

* SQLObject can now create and drop a database in MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  and Firebird/Interbase.

* Added some support for schemas in PostgreSQL.

* Added DecimalStringCol - similar to DecimalCol but stores data as strings
  to work around problems in some drivers and type affinity problem in

* Added sqlobject.include.hashcol.HashCol - a column type that automatically
  hashes anything going into it, and returns out an object that hashes
  anything being compared to itself. Basically, it's good for really simple
  one-way password fields, and it even supports the assignment of None to
  indicate no password set. By default, it uses the md5 library for
  hashing, but this can be changed in a HashCol definition.

* RowDestroyedSignal and RowUpdatedSignal were added.

Minor features

* Use reversed() in manager/command.py instead of .__reversed__().

* Minor change in logging to console - logger no longer stores the output
  file, it gets the file from module sys every time by name; this means
  logging will use new sys.stdout (or stderr) in case the user changed

* Changed the order of testing of SQLite modules - look for external
  PySQLite2 before sqlite3.

For a more complete list, please see the news:

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