[DB-SIG] SQLServer 2005

Fabien COUTANT fabien.coutant at neuf.fr
Thu Feb 5 18:42:09 CET 2009

Le Wed, 04 Feb 2009 20:19:52 +0100, wtr_web a écrit:
> Hello!
> I need to access a SQLServer 2005 by creating, reading and writing by  
> a single thread/single user.
> Has anybody experience with some openSrc SW? There are quite large  
> amounts of data involved (around a million
> rows in some tables).
> I have only used Oracle-access myself.


AFAIK SQLServer speaks the same "TDS" protocol as Sybase (which it
originated from long ago).

So you could try FreeTDS which is a C-level lib to speak this protocol:
	and especially
with a corresponding Python binding of this library:
	(replaces the old
	http://object-craft.com.au/projects/sybase/index.html )
(maybe there are other bindings, didn't look further)

FreeTDS is explicitly reporting to work with MS SQL Server, including
recent versions.  And it seems much more mature and stable than pymssql...

Hope this helps,

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