[DB-SIG] adodbapi return datetime

William Dode wilk at flibuste.net
Tue Feb 10 16:49:47 CET 2009

On 10-02-2009, Vernon Cole wrote:

> William:
> It has always seemed to me that the syntax you tried should work. Perhaps
> someday, some "real" Python guru will explain to me why sometimes it does
> not, and maybe even tell me how to fix it. Perhaps the module definition is
> not done quite right, I dunno? Try adding an extra level of depth to your
> module reference, and I think you may find that it works.
adodbapi.adodbapi.dateconverter = adodbapi.adodbapi.pythonDateTimeConverter()

> Looks weird to me and I don't understand it, but try it.

It works ! thanks you to answer so quickly.

Do you plan to make datetime the default ?

It's weird that with python >= 2.3 the behaviour will silently change if 
we add mx package !

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