[DB-SIG] adodbapi return datetime

William Dode wilk at flibuste.net
Tue Feb 10 21:01:11 CET 2009

On 10-02-2009, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> On 2009-02-10 18:42, William Dode wrote:
>> On 10-02-2009, Robert Brewer wrote:
>>> Vernon Cole wrote:
>>>> Should adodbapi be changed so that datetime.datetime is
>>>> the default return type for SQL date-time columns?
>>> Almost certainly at the next major version.
> It's probably better to make this an explicit choice.
>> For me the weird problem of a different behaviour if mx is installed or 
>> not is enough to change this in a minor version.
>> The question will be, what to do if the release stay compatible with 
>> python < 2.3
>> iirc Guido argued to put this (datetime by default) in the dbapi spec 
>> isn'it ?
> The DB-API allows the module to make a choice of which implementation
> to use. mxDateTime has been the defacto standard for many years, so
> there's a lot of code out there relying on it and mxDateTime is
> still very much alive.
> Database modules are free to support more than just one way to interface
> to date/time values in databases, e.g. Unix ticks, time tuples,
> strings, mxDateTime, datetime module, custom types, etc. The spec
> itself doesn't mandate a default.

It could be one by default and in the same time let the user choose an 
other one.

Anyway i don't care a lot, we can let the defacto standard change slowly 
at the rythm of each database...

Could we make a round table now ?

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