[DB-SIG] SQLObject 0.9.10

Oleg Broytmann phd at phd.pp.ru
Wed May 6 14:10:01 CEST 2009


I'm pleased to announce version 0.9.10, a minor bugfix release of 0.9 branch
of SQLObject.

What is SQLObject

SQLObject is an object-relational mapper.  Your database tables are described
as classes, and rows are instances of those classes.  SQLObject is meant to be
easy to use and quick to get started with.

SQLObject supports a number of backends: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite,
Firebird, Sybase, MSSQL and MaxDB (also known as SAPDB).

Where is SQLObject



Mailing list:



News and changes:

What's New

News since 0.9.9

* Another unicode-related patch for MySQL; required because different
  versions of MySQLdb require different handling::

   - MySQLdb < 1.2.1: only ascii
   - MySQLdb = 1.2.1: only unicode
   - MySQLdb > 1.2.1: both ascii and unicode

* Setup requires FormEncode version 1.1.1+.

* Fixed a minor bug - pass name to DecimalValidator.

* Fixed a bug in InheritableIteration - pass connection to child

* A bug was fixed in PostgresConnection.columnsFromSchema() - foreign keys
  are now recognized and created as proper ForeignKey with correct
  column name and table name.

* Bugs in PostgresConnection and MSSQLConnection related to properties was
  fixed. A note for developers: from now on properties in DBConnection
  classes are forbidden as they don't work with Transaction -
  Transaction.__getattr__() cannot properly wrap 'self' so a property is
  called with wrong 'self'.

* Transaction instances now explicitly raises TypeError on close() -
  without this calling Transaction.close() calls connection.close() which
  is wrong.

* A bug in SQLiteConnection.columnsFromSchema() that led to an infinite
  loop was fixed.

For a more complete list, please see the news:

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