[DB-SIG] cx_Oracle 5.0.3

Anthony Tuininga anthony.tuininga at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 07:23:54 CET 2010

What is cx_Oracle?

cx_Oracle is a Python extension module that allows access to Oracle and
conforms to the Python database API 2.0 specifications with a few

Where do I get it?


What's new?

1) Added support for 64-bit Windows.

2) Added support for Python 3.1 and dropped support for Python 3.0.

3) Added support for keyword arguments in cursor.callproc() and

4) Added documentation for the UNICODE and FIXED_UNICODE variable types.

5) Added extra link arguments required for Mac OS X as suggested by
Jason Woodward.

6) Added additional error codes to the list of error codes that raise
OperationalError rather than DatabaseError.

7) Fixed calculation of display size for strings with national
database character sets that are not the default AL16UTF16.

8) Moved the resetting of the setinputsizes flag before the binding
takes place so that if an error takes place and a new statement is
prepared subsequently, spurious errors will not occur.

9) Fixed compilation with Oracle 10g Release 1.

10) Tweaked documentation based on feedback from a number of people.

11) Added support for running the test suite using "python setup.py test"

12) Added support for setting the CLIENT_IDENTIFIER value in the
v$session table for connections.

13) Added exception when attempting to call executemany() with arrays
which is not supported by the OCI.

14) Fixed bug when converting from decimal would result in OCI-22062
because the locale decimal point was not a period. Thanks to Amaury
Forgeot d'Arc for the solution to this problem.

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