[DB-SIG] Having legs into diffents PostgreSQL versions?!?

Massa, Harald Armin chef at ghum.de
Sat Jan 16 09:59:13 CET 2010


> Well I mean having piece of code reading and writing db records from 7.2 and
> 8.4 databases.
> How can I get this mix working from a DBAPI point of view?
> Are someone aware of restrictions using such 'old' db drivers from Python
> 2.6 or later?

per definition the actual PostgreSQL driver shall be able to access
also ancient versions of PostgreSQL; and you should also be able to
profit from at least some of the bugfixes within the PostgreSQL
connection libraries of the last oneandahalf decade.

So: I recommend to you to go with the younges psycopg2 PostgreSQL driver.

I also offer persuasion services to help people motivate themselfs,
i.e. to upgrade PostgreSQL.


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