[DB-SIG] Having legs into diffents PostgreSQL versions?!?

wiztricks wiztricks at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 16:50:26 CET 2010

Hi Harald,

Massa, Harald Armin wrote:
> per definition the actual PostgreSQL driver shall be able to access
> also ancient versions of PostgreSQL; and you should also be able to
> profit from at least some of the bugfixes within the PostgreSQL
> connection libraries of the last oneandahalf decade.
I was so disappointed by customer delays to upgrade that I haven't looked at
this possibility.
But you're right the psycopg2 FAQ states that 7.* should works. 
Thanks to point this: you make my day!

Could you elaborate a bit about "per definition the actual PostgreSQL..."? 
I mean is there a special sauce or did they follow some guidelines, rules...
or PostgreSQL properties that warranty such ability of the psycopg2 drivers
to work with different versions?

Massa, Harald Armin wrote:
> I also offer persuasion services to help people motivate themselfs, i.e.
> to upgrade PostgreSQL.
There is no question about the need to upgrade. 
But they have 50 client/server apps to check... and resource issues to do
the work before I could land there. But with your tip, I don't think I
should really care: we could totally disconnect new stuff delivery from
database upgrade.
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