[DB-SIG] Having legs into diffents PostgreSQL versions?!?

Massa, Harald Armin chef at ghum.de
Sun Jan 17 11:45:53 CET 2010


> Could you elaborate a bit about "per definition the actual PostgreSQL..."?
> I mean is there a special sauce or did they follow some guidelines, rules...
> or PostgreSQL properties that warranty such ability of the psycopg2 drivers
> to work with different versions?

it is nothing special to psycopg2, it is a feature of the PostgreSQL
client libs (libpq), which are "wrapped" by psycopg2.

And those PostgreSQL client libraries need that ability to provide an
update/upgrade path: the standard PostgreSQL update routine is install
new version, use new dump on old server, restore with new restore to
new server. That way PostgreSQL has the chance to fix bugs in pg_dump.

And to channel the words Joshua wrote: if a PostgreSQL core developer
uses words like
"cold sweats" and "cry for mommy", be sure to document (that is: using
paper) that you really recommended that update and it was the sole
decision of others to not do it now.


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