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Goldsmith, David dgol461 at ECY.WA.GOV
Wed Oct 6 20:40:36 CEST 2010

Hi!  Probably 'cause I'm new to DBs, I'm having trouble understanding
pyodbc's help.  For example, what kind of Python object is a "results
set"?  In particular, the syntax portion of the docstring for the tables
method of a cursor object states that it returns self, but the text
portion of the docstring says it "creates a results set of tables
defined in the data source."  It goes on to say that "each row fetched
has the following columns: ...2) table_name: The table name..."  It is
simply a Python list of these that I want, but the API for actually
returning such is far from clear: how does one access the collection of
"fetched rows" (what kind of Python object is the collection and what is
its name in the local dictionary) and how does one "slice out" one or
more columns from it?  Please help.  Thanks!


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