[DB-SIG] Cookbook for Python access to Access?

Goldsmith, David dgol461 at ECY.WA.GOV
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Ala James Briggs' post (attached), is there a way in adodbapi to
leverage the fact that I have a UserDSN defined for my DB?


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please pardon slowness, brevity & typos ... am on vacation & using
Windows Mobile...
 step 1) load pywin32 from sourceforge.
  step 2) look in your Python site-packages/adodbapi/test folder for
You can read or update ACCESS db using normal SQL statements and
Python api calls.

On 10/3/10, Goldsmith, David <dgol461 at ecy.wa.gov> wrote:
> Hi!  I'm relatively new to DB's, though not to Python.  I simply need
> learn how to programmatically put data--obtained using a Python
> script--into an existing Access DB.  I've searched and I've searched,
> found a few brief examples of how to connect--using, e.g.,
> when I execute a query, I'm told the file I've connected to is either
> encrypted or not a DB; it may be the former (I don't know how to tell
> for certain, but I can access it using MATLAB's database toolbox w/out
> any explicit decryption), but it definitely is a DB.  Can anyone refer
> me to a relevant cookbook or pretty complete example set?  Thanks!
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