[DB-SIG] Some obscurity with paramstyle

Federico Di Gregorio federico.digregorio at dndg.it
Mon Jul 18 15:01:50 CEST 2011

On 18/07/11 14:54, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> We will likely have to introduce a new TEXT() constructor
> which maps data objects to text data and then takes care
> of the database specific encoding issues.
> There are similar issues with float/decimal and date/time
> values.
> It would be great if we could resolve all of these using
> a data type mapping facility that defines input and output
> mappings in an efficient and flexible way.

At least 2 drivers (psycopg and pysqlite) provide a Python->backend
mechanism based on PEP 246, "Object Adaptation". If other implementors
are interested I can write a short explanation about how it works and
why it was chosen only for the Python->backend path and not for the reverse.


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