[DB-SIG] paramstyle without knowing the database

wilk wilk at flibuste.net
Mon Dec 3 09:31:11 CET 2012


I did a litle function to use the same paramstyle regardless of the 
paramstyle of the database. I transform one paramstyle to an other (a 
code missing in the lib standard isn't it ?)

But of course i need to know the paramstyle of the database. I didn't 
found any way to retrieve it from the connexion. Did i missed 
something ?

Is there a project to have one paramstyle mandatory for all the 
database ? I'm afraid that because there is not people will not use it 
at all and use manual string escape wich is a big security hole (i've 
seen that from people comming from php).

Thanks for your attention to my bad english...

William Dodé
Informaticien Indépendant

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