[DB-SIG] ANN: eGenix mxODBC Connect - Python ODBC Database Interface 2.0.3

eGenix Team: M.-A. Lemburg info at egenix.com
Tue Apr 9 10:25:27 CEST 2013


                      eGenix.com mxODBC Connect

                    Python ODBC Database Interface

                            Version 2.0.3

 mxODBC Connect is our commercially supported client-server product for
       connecting Python applications to relational databases
                 in a truly platform independent way.

This announcement is also available on our web-site for online reading:



The mxODBC Connect Database Interface for Python allows users to
easily connect Python applications to all major databases on the
market today in a highly portable, convenient and secure way.

Python Database Connectivity the Easy Way

Unlike our mxODBC Python extension, mxODBC Connect is designed as
client-server application, so you no longer need to find production
quality ODBC drivers for all the platforms you target with your Python

Instead you use an easy to install royalty-free Python client library
which connects directly to the mxODBC Connect database server over the

This makes mxODBC Connect a great basis for writing cross-platform
multi-tier database applications and utilities in Python, especially
if you run applications that need to communicate with databases such
as MS SQL Server and MS Access, Oracle Database, IBM DB2 and Informix,
Sybase ASE and Sybase Anywhere, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SAP MaxDB and many
more, that run on Windows or Linux machines.

Ideal for Database Driven Client Applications

By removing the need to install and configure ODBC drivers on the
client side and dealing with complicated network setups for each set
of drivers, mxODBC Connect greatly simplifies deployment of database
driven client applications, while at the same time making the network
communication between client and database server more efficient and
more secure.

For more information, please have a look at the mxODBC Connect product
page, in particular, the full list of available features.

For more information, please see the product page:




The 2.0.3 release of mxODBC Connect includes the following
enhancements and fixes:

Security Enhancements

 * Upgraded client and server to the most recent eGenix

Server Enhancements

 * Updated the server to use mxODBC 3.2.2 for database connectivity.

Client Enhancements

 * Added support for the new .cursortype attribute in mxODBC 3.2.2
   which is available on both connections and cursors to adjust the
   used ODBC cursor type.

Performance Enhancements

 * MS SQL Server performance can now be much enhanced, and increased
   to levels beyond that of mxODBC Connect 2.0.2 and previous
   releases, by adjusting the default cursor type to forward-only
   cursors instead of static cursors:

    # Connect to the remote database
    from mx.ODBCConnect.Client import ServerSession
    session = ServerSession(...)
    ODBC = session.open()
    connection = ODBC.DriverConnect(...)
    # Use the faster forward-only cursors
    connection.cursortype = ODBC.SQL.CURSOR_FORWARD_ONLY
    # Cursors created on this connection will then default
    # to forward only cursors
    cursor = connection.cursor()

 * The performance increase compared to mxODBC Connect 2.0.2 is
   enormous: from 2-3x faster executes/fetches for average queries, up
   to 300x faster for simple cases.

   In mxODBC Connect 2.1, we will switch to using forward-only cursors
   per default for all database backends.

 * IBM DB2 can benefit from the same performance enhancements using
   forward-only cursors.

   The effect is a lot smaller compared to MS SQL Server, but still
   noticeable: up to 2x faster executes/fetches with forward-only
   cursors, compared to mxODBC Connect 2.0.2.

 * Added documentation to explain the different cursor types,
   compatibility with different database backends and effects on
   performance to the mxODBC documentation.

New License Structure

Due to popular demand, we have added an unlimited connections server
license, so now you can choose between:

 * the entry-level 20-connections server license,
 * an average use 50-connections server license.
 * and the unlimited connections server license for our
   high-end users.

For the full set of changes, please check the mxODBC Connect change


mxODBC Connect 2.0 Highlights

mxODBC Connect 2.0 was released on 2012-08-20. These are the most
important highlights:

 * mxODBC Connect Server now uses mxODBC 3.2 internally and makes its
   API available in the mxODBC Connect Client. This is a major step
   forward from the mxODBC 3.0 version used in mxODBC Connect Server

 * We've added native Windows x64 builds.

 * mxODBC Connect Client now integrates directly with gevent, allowing
   client applications to run asynchronous tasks while performing
   remote database queries.

Please see the release announcement for full details:



You are encouraged to upgrade to this latest mxODBC Connect release.
When upgrading, please always upgrade both the server and the client
installations to the same version - even for patch level releases.

Customers who have purchased mxODBC Connect 2.0 licenses can continue
to use their licenses with this patch level release.

Customers who have purchased mxODBC Connect 1.x licenses can request
20% discount coupons for upgrade purchases. Please contact the
eGenix.com Sales Team (sales at egenix.com) with your existing license
serials for details.

Users of our stand-alone mxODBC product will have to purchase new
licenses from our online shop in order to use mxODBC Connect.

You can request 30-day evaluation licenses by visiting our web-site
or writing to sales at egenix.com, stating your name (or the name of the
company) and the number of eval licenses that you need.




The download archives as well as instructions for installation and
configuration of the product can be found on the product page:


If you want to try the package, jump straight to the download


Fully functional evaluation licenses for the mxODBC Connect Server are
available free of charge:


mxODBC Connect Client is always free of charge.



Commercial support for this product is available from eGenix.com.

Please see


for details about our support offerings.



About Python (http://www.python.org/):

    Python is an object-oriented Open Source programming language
    which runs on all modern platforms. By integrating ease-of-use,
    clarity in coding, enterprise application connectivity and rapid
    application design, Python establishes an ideal programming
    platform for today's IT challenges.

About eGenix (http://www.egenix.com/):

    eGenix is a software project, consulting and product company
    focusing on expert project services and professional quality
    products for companies, Python users and developers.

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