[DB-SIG] API 3.0 limiting paramstyle to ['named', 'qmark'] is okay. ('format' is not desirable)

Michael Bayer mike_mp at zzzcomputing.com
Fri May 17 19:44:42 CEST 2013

On May 17, 2013, at 1:30 PM, M.-A. Lemburg <mal at egenix.com> wrote:

> As for how to adjust the paramstyle, I think Vernon's summary
> is a good one. SQLAlchemy and other applications could then
> do (*):
> import dbapi_module
> # We want named paramstyle on all connections:
> dbapi_module.paramstyle = 'named'
> and reduce the overhead of having to escape percent signs.

just to confirm - that'll work on connections and cursors too, right?   I wouldn't want to do it at the module level.

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