[DB-SIG] Improved support for prepared SQL statements

SF Markus Elfring elfring at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Dec 17 15:38:37 CET 2014

>> Can the prepare() method return a handle for a SQL statement?
> The proposal says:
> """
> Return values are not defined.
> """

How do you think about to change the application programming
interface here?

Would a class like "prepared_statement" be more useful at this place?

>> Will prepared SQL statements be mapped to a specific class hierarchy
>> in Python?
> Not sure what you mean.

The structured query language supports a few standard statements like
insert, update and delete. I imagine that specific classes will be
useful for their parameterisation, won't they?

>>> It is possible to open a few cursors, prepare frequently
>>> used statements on them and them make them accessible via
>>> a cursor pool. This works well (I know since I've implemented
>>> such a logic some 14-15 years ago in a large application).
>> How should the application programming interface look like
>> in Python for this use case?
> Depends on the application and what you want to achieve.
> There's no general answer to this.

I find that view strange.

I would appreciate if the corresponding software abstractions
can be improved in reasonable ways.


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