[DB-SIG] Should Binary accept unicode string?

Vernon D. Cole vernondcole at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 17:14:59 EST 2016


  Thank you for your long explanation. I got lost somewhere in the
middle there, though.

If you are suggesting that better documentation be added to PEP-249,
then perhaps you could include a suggestion as to a (brief) note which
could be appended.

If you are suggesting that the PEP be expanded to provide a service
not now generally available, then perhaps you ought to start the
long-talked-about-but-never-tried task of writing a DBAPI level 3 PEP.
The present PEP (written long before Python 3) is lacking (and in at
least one case, actually wrong) any specific Python 3 implementation
details. Several enhancements and improvements to the PEP have been
talked about, most of which -- like the one you seem to be making --
would significantly enhance a programmer's experience. There are also
several "standard extensions" and frequently added extras which could
be included in the body of a new PEP.

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