[DB-SIG] Need clarifications/help on preserving revisions of files/permissions using Python

madhusudhan achar madhusudhan.achar at oracle.com
Fri Jan 22 03:45:03 EST 2016


My current problem is :

I have scripts written currently in python, wherein we make lot of 
changes to files (system), permission changes to
files and directories, changes to kernel parameters. We would like to 
maintain the revisions of these changes and should
be able tor rollback the changes at any point in time.

The initial thought is to use MySQLdb.

My questions are:
1. Provide me sample references to such problems if they exist.
2. How do we preserve changes to files? we need to save the entire files.
3. We need to make permission changes of files/directories (owner/group 
4. How do we store the changes/files? Should they stored as tables?
5. How do we restore the stored tables and restore files and file/dir 

I shall look forward to your help/suggestions...


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