[DB-SIG] Context manager support for cursors

Federico Di Gregorio fog at dndg.it
Tue Jul 24 03:37:27 EDT 2018

On 06/21/2018 01:31 AM, Gerald Venzl wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering whether there has been any particular reason that the 
> specification of the Cursor object doesn’t implement a context manager 
> to enable for example the “with” statement?
> Being able to use the “with” statement for database cursors, just like 
> other external resources like files, etc., I think makes a lot of sense:
> with conn.cursor()as c:
>      c.execute("SELECT 'test' from dual")
>      result = c.fetchall()
>      print(result)

It does (make sense). The explanation is that context managers did not 
exist when the PEP was written. An update is long overdue, IMHO.


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