[DB-SIG] Announcement: adodbapi source code moved to pywin32/adodbapi

Vernon D. Cole vernondcole at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 23:07:18 EST 2019

(adodbapi is a pure-Python PEP-249 compliant SQL interface for Windows
using Microsoft ADO. It can access numerous database engines using ADO
providers or ODBC drivers, and features such leading-edge enhancements as
named-column data retrieval and user-selected query parameter styles.)

For anyone who cares:
  As of today, the definitive source code for the adodbapi project is now
the adodbapi sub-directory in the pywin32 source repo. That should keep
version creep and file inconsistencies from becoming a problem, which
fouled up the installation of adodbapi which shipped with the last few
releases of pywin32.

The pypi and sourceforge distributions have been updated to version,
which will be part of the next pywin32 release.

My apologies for the long delay in making this happen. My day job is now
centered in software QA for many Linux / PostgreSQL systems, so I don't get
on Windows very often. A younger volunteer to take over regular maintenance
of the adodbapi subsystem would be very welcome.
Vernon Cole
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