[Distutils] Version numbers for module distributions

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 11:22:32 -0800

Greg Ward wrote:
> ...
> >       A side note: for the XML package, I think things are getting
> > to the point that I want to create a fake build tree (the blib/ idea)
> > in order to allow running the test suite without having to actually
> > perform the installation.  So, is there any implementation work that
> > can be done?
> Yeah, the distutils.build module.  It would have to be told various
> lists of source files (for a start: .py, ancillary .c files, and
> extension .c files) and then would Do The Right Thing: copy .py into
> blib, compile to .py and .po, compile all .c files, and link ancillary
> .o with extension .o to make .so.  (Platform independence can come
> later.)

IMO, a distutils test harness only needs to compile a .pyo. There isn't
a need to do both because we can presume the Python interpreter has the
appropriate testing.


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