[Distutils] Freeze on topic for this SIG?

Mark Hammond MHammond@skippinet.com.au
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 12:42:59 +1100

Hi all,
	The first paragraph of this SIG's charter states:
The distutils sig exists to discuss the design and implementation
of a suite of module distribution utilities for Python.  These
will take the form of some standard modules, probably grouped in the
'distutils' package, for building, packaging, and installing
modules.  This includes both modules written purely in Python and
extension modules written in C/C++.

This implies that the freeze tool would indeed be on topic (even
though I fairly certain that this was not the intent!).

Im really just looking for a place to discuss enhancements to Freeze
itself.  Specifically, Guido, Jack Jansen, Just and myself have had
very very preliminary discussions on a new "import architecture" for
Python itself.  It is driven by freeze, but would probably become a
standard part of Python if proven worthy.  Im concerned it is too
esoteric for the newgroup itself, but also that it really would be
stretching the charter of this SIG.

Please let me know if this is acceptable here (would make an
interesting diversion from version numbers, tho :-), or if I should
attempt a newsgroup assault!