[Distutils] Access to Python config info

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 15:46:08 -0800

Greg Ward wrote:
> ...
> *This* version should run as one of the last steps of the distutils
> installation process, ie. this is the hack that'll work with Python
> 1.5.2.  The nice version that will be bundled with Python 1.6 (I'm
> hoping!) might just be this again, or it might have more direct
> knowledge of Python's configure-time information.  But it should run as
> part of Python's build process, so it won't go looking in
> sys.exec_prefix + lib + python + ... -- it'll just find stuff in the
> current (Python build) directory.
> But for the first version of distutils, I think this is what we need.

Re: Fred Drake asking about the caveat I mentioned.

This is it: in the future, the build process just spits out a bunch of
assignments. For 1.5.2, we don't have that luxury, so it gets a bit more


> ...
> P.S. I would like to suggest one coding standard for the project: every
> source file should have the name and email address of the person who
> wrote it, the date it was started, and and RCS/CVS identifier of some
> kind (I'm partial to $Id$ myself, but $Revision$ is also fine).  Any
> objections?

hehe... boy, you do like things in a particular way, don't you? Now I
know where the version number stuff came from :-)

For better or worse, I don't think you're going to get the level of
compliance that you want here. You'll see :-) hehe....

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