[Distutils] Anonymous CVS up-and-running

Greg Ward gward@cnri.reston.va.us
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 18:54:36 -0500

Hi all --

undoubtedly it's wildly premature to have source available before we
have any sort of high-level design, but what the hell.  Go visit


to find out how to access it. 

The quick version: use CVS (1.9 or greater) to login to cvs.python.org
as 'distutilscvs'; the password is 'painless'.  Checkout the 'distutils'
tree.  Poke around.  The interesting source is in 'distutils'
(ie. 'distutils/distutils' from the directory where you run 'cvs

Only things there so far are my version number module and Fred's
sysconfig module.  (Which is currently actually 'distutils.sysconfig',
maybe not a bad thing.)  version.py is copiously commented and
guaranteed to start another flamewar.  So if you do look at it, *please* 
don't post your immediate thoughts to the list.  Send 'em my way if you
must vent your spleen.  Version numbers are still a banned topic until
we have some idea of what they'll be used for (ie. high-level design).

Anyone who wants to take a stab at a high-level design should once again
pore over the requirements and proposed user interface on the SIG web
site.  We haven't had any discussion about the proposed interface, and I
very much doubt that it's perfect in every way.  I think talking that
over is a sensible thing to do before starting in on the design.

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