[Distutils] Anonymous CVS up-and-running

John Skaller skaller@maxtal.com.au
Fri, 25 Dec 1998 01:56:11 +1000

At 17:43 22/12/98 -0500, Fred L. Drake wrote:
>John Skaller writes:
> > I have done this, it is about 5 minutes work for a makefile
> > expert. It took me half a day to get working properly :-)   
>  Cool.  Send Guido a patch and rationale as to why it should be in
>the standard distribution.  

        I can't. It was a patch to version 1.5.0 which i don't
have any more. It got clobbered when I installed 1.5.1 of course.

>Frankly, the reason to install pythonpp is 
>lost on me.

        The you don't need to invoke it.
But other people in the C++ SIG want to use C++ to extend
Python. This is not the place to argue about it, they want it. :-)

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